+ Our values

For a better


“Why does it have to be this way?” That is the foundation of what we do. That is the pillar of our creativity. And our mission is to give each of your actions a purpose. Because the next generation of brands should not act like the old one.


That seems obvious. Indeed, not a single agency would tell you that mediocrity is their force. But, at BlackMotion, we make you a promise: we’d refuse to work with you rather than delivering something that is not outstanding. We are partners. When you win, we win.


We are always searching for better ways to make your BlackMotion experience special, thorough and exciting. That’s why we created My BlackMotion, an online space where all your assets are available. We want you to feel at ease. Mind-free. That’s how we nurture long-term relationships.


We continually seek opportunities to improve. We are continuously researching, listening, learning, adapting across all aspects of our system and the work we do. We apply the most rigorous thinking process to recommend and deliver the most optimal solutions.



We understand that, sometimes, externalizing is a good option. We, however, made the decision to internalize. From creative ideas to website development, we envision create and produce. Because one centralized agency is more efficient than five agencies all pulling in different directions. 


Nothing is ever set in stone. Nothing is ever too ingenious. Nothing is ever too avant-garde. We elevate the spirit with pioneering ideas, new possibilities and the imaginative application of art and science to improve people’s lives and make a positive lasting impact.



Integrity is essential to our agency. It’s not always something that works to our advantage. Because we’d rather be honest and refuse a project than making false promises. We nonetheless believe that it will be beneficial in the long-run. Because you will always be able to trust us. Our expertise will never be sugar-coated.



We understand that our expertise is valuable. That is why we built the BlackMotion Academy, an on-site, hands-on « school » designed to shape tomorrow’s creative talents and include them into our team.